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The small farmer does not have the same market advantages as the big commercial farmers planting thousands of acres.  Walmart is not knocking at your door. If you are looking for a market whose mission is to support the small farmer, whose business operation is tailored to your scale, then give us a call at Only Local. Phone.  Email.  Download contract.

Specialty food vendors

1. Sales of prepared foods are intended for off-site consumption. No sales of food items for immediate consumption in the market.
2. Foods must be prepared in a certified commercial kitchen, with the exception of Cottage Foods that follow cottage food guidelines.
3. A vendor who wants to sell a cottage food item at the market must submit a risk assessment form to the panhandle health dept and provide a copy signed by the health dept approving the product as a cottage food to Only Local management.
4. Specialty food vendors must use locally produced goods as the main or featured ingredient

Merchant Info

Only Local is a producer-only market. Vendors must be directly involved in the products sold. Re-selling products produced by others will be prohibited unless given specific approval by management.

Only Local does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nationality.

Vendors are responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses and/or inspections applicable to their products. (ie, Health dept, USDA, IRS, etc)

To maintain the trust of our customers and to insure we are a producer-only market, all vendors will undergo at least one inspection of their farm or production facility conducted by Only Local management. Market Inspections will not include financial records or personal property.

Use of locally grown ingredients for specialty foods is encouraged, admitting that some ingredients must be sourced from outside our region. Vendors are urged to provide appropriate signage to advertise their use of ingredients.


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