Our Selling Process

Selling Your Products at Only Local

Only Local Farmers Market represents all local farmers and producers. We do not accept products grown or produced from a distance of greater than 50 miles from Bonner, Kootenai, and Boundary Counties. We want to assure our customers that the food products they purchase from Only Local represent the best local food of northern Idaho.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20


Selling Fees: Our Consignment Model

The Idaho Farmers Market Association encourages the creation of “consignment booths” at farmers’ markets to allow a greater participation of the agricultural community in the marketplace.

Only Local has adopted this successful selling model to give small-scale farmers and producers who frequently don’t have the time or resources to regularly participate in a seasonal, 1-day per week market, an opportunity to bring their goods to the consumer.

There are no membership dues or fees to join the Market; no daily, weekly, or seasonal fees. Each time you bring a product to market, we will establish a new consignment period for that product.

The consignment fee is 25% of the price set you set, if the product is sold within the first half of the consigned period.

The fee for products sold during the second half of the consignment period is 50% of the price set by the vendor.

A buyer’s fee of 10% will be charged to the buyer of your item. This fee does not affect your portion of the sale price. This fee is added to the price of the item for Market overhead including, credit card processing, displaying, advertising, accounting and marketing of your goods.

Product Price Reduction / Fee Scale

Your item will remain at the full consignment price for the first half of the consignment period. After the halfway point is reached, the product’s price will be reduced by 15%. When the product reaches the last quarter of the consignment period, the price will be reduced by an additional 15% (for a total of 30%).

If a vendor replenishes stock before or at the mid-point of the consignment period the consignment split will always remain at 25%/75%.  Only when a vendor fails to restock by the mid-point of the consignment period does the consignment split reduce.

Consignment Pricing Example:

A vendor has priced a tomato at $1.00 with a consignment period of 14 days. To this price, Only Local adds a 10% buyer fee. The consumer’s cost for the tomato is $1.10. The vendor nets $0.75 if the tomato is sold within the first 7 days (25% of $1). If the vendor restocks inventory on or before the halfway point of the consignment period, all inventory on hand resets at that time, and will continue at the 25%/75% consignment split rate.

If the vendor does not replenish stock by the mid-way point (day 8 of this example) the price of the tomato is reduced by 15% (.85 cents), and if sold by day 10, the vendor will receive $0.43 (50% of $0.85 cents). On day 11 (the last quarter of the consignment period) the price is reduced another 15% ($0.70) and the vendor will receive $0.35 for the tomato (50% of $0.70).


Bringing Products to Market

Once you have been approved as a market vendor and signed the consignors’ contract, you can make an appointment to bring your products to the market. We are respectful of your time; therefore, the intake of all food products is by appointment only. Your appointment is dedicated solely to you and allows us to give you our full attention. Appointments can be made by calling (208) 265-2277 or you can schedule an appointment online.   

Product Check-In

The receiving dock for product intake is located on the backside of the market. We will help you set a selling price and determine the product consignment period (usually based on the expected shelf-life of the product). All products must be bundled, packaged, or otherwise grouped to sell as a unit. Each unit of product will be entered into the inventory software and given a barcode.

Your goods will be on display within minutes of intake and your display will be refreshed frequently throughout the day. Our sales staff is representing you – we seek to move product and to sell your product at the best price the market will bear.

Vendor Account Management

Within 24-hours of becoming an approved vendor, you will receive login information for the Only Local Vendor Account Management system (Vendor Login). Your login username and password are specific to you and will be kept confidential. If you have any questions or problems accessing the Vendor Login portal, please email manager@onlylocal.farm or call (208) 265-2277.