Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

What is the consignment model for my products?

The consignment split for Ag vendors starts at 15/85% and for non-agricultural vendors 25/75%  in favor of the vendor.  The consignment period for agricultural products is based on the expected shelf life of the product.  The consignment period for non-agricultural products is 120 days.

How am I paid for my products?

Vendors recieve a check on a monthly basis for the sale of goods sold the prior month. For example, for products sold in June, a check will be available for pickup at the Market by the 10th of July.

What happens if my products don't sell?

At the end of the consignment period, you can pick up your products. For agricultural products that reach the end of their shelf life, products can be picked up or they can be left at the Market for a Food Bank donaion or fed to the chickens!

Can I sell Cottage Foods at Only Local?

Yes. You must get a permit from Panhandle Health assessing the risks factors of your product and validating that your product is a cottage food. Securing a permit from Panhandle Health for many cottage foods such as jams and baked goods is easy and straightforward. More complex canned goods, dehydrated goods, and other prepared foods may require laboratory analysis before Panhandle Health will issue a permit to sell your product as a Cottage Food.


What are the best items to sell at Only Local?

Only Local is a farmers market, so most of our customers are looking for food items — fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and dairy products, even beer and wine. In general, food products sell better than art and craft products. 

How can I become a vendor at Only Local?

Call (208) 265-2277 and speak with the Market Manager.