Shop Local. Eat Local. Eat Healthy & Farm Fresh.

You live in a farm-rich area of the country where you can easily eat Farm Fresh Foods and support local famers. We’re introducing a brand new, hip & trendy Farmers Market where you can Shop & Order Online your favorite fresh foods or shop your favorite farmers! 

3 Reasons Farm Fresh Foods are the Best: 

1. Our Mission

Where the farmer has a name, for us, the Fletchers, is not just a clever phrase. We fundamentally believe in supporting the local agricultural community. Given the trends of economic globalization, our society has become reliant on the stability of international markets.  Listen to the news on any given day to realize the perilous state of international commerce. Might we be on the verge of a protracted trade war?  Here at Only Local farmers market, we are committed to supporting local food production which makes our community more self-reliant. And, not only more self-reliant, when you buy local, you reinforce the pride of the local farming and food production community.

2. Keeps Farmers, Growers, Food Producers In Business.

If we stopped eating Farm Fresh Foods, where would our food come from? Oh, that’s right, big manufacturers. Farming, Growing and being a Producer of farmed produce and meats is a business and just like every other business they need customers buying their products in order to stay in business. 

What if all the farms went out of business? 

Buying locally grown farm fresh foods keep the supply of healthy fresh, nutrient rich foods in our supply chain for many years to come. Who doesn’t want to support a farmer? 

3. Farms Are Good For the Planet.

There’s a lot to marketing these days. Social Media, Google Ads, the local Nickelsworth Magazines, Postcards, Email and so much more. We plan to reach customers from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene to Eastport and eventually plan to reach even further out so we become that Must-Stop destination for vacationers passing by on their long journeys. 

We hired an amazing Marketing Company whom specializes in digital marketing both regional, local and national. So… just bring us your goods and we’ll let everyone know about it! 

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