Our Philosophy

Supporting A Healthier Community

Your purchase of locally grown or locally fabricated products greatly benefits the local economy. For every dollar spent in the Idaho Panhandle, two more dollars are generated in the local economy; contributing to more jobs and more income in our community.

Only Local also supports local charities and food banks by offering excess produce.

Food Fanatics

We are food fanatics at Only Local Farmers Market. We care about the nutritional quality of the food we sell to you and your family and believe in harvesting goods from the homestead. 

Many large-scale commercial food production facilities use farming methodologies that negatively impact the quality and tastes of the products they are producing. Commercial farms use herbicides, insecticides, genetically modified seed, and hormones on the plants and livestock we consume.

It’s no wonder Americans suffer from health epidemics in diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease that relates to the deterioration of our diets.

When you consume locally grown and produced food products, your body will thank you by living a longer, healthier life.

Where Our Farmers Have a Name

At Only Local, “where the farmer has a name,” is more than just a catchy phrase. We believe the local agricultural community should act as the bedrock of the economy. Given the trends of economic globalization, our society has become reliant on the stability of international markets.

What would happen to our food supply if our country experiences a protracted trade war — not to mention another world war? Eighty percent of the farms in America belong to individual families. Yet small family-owned farms produce only 10% of the food consumed.

We are overly dependent on large scale farming enterprises and the global food supply. Our grandparents survived the Great Depression and World Wars on the homestead. We are committed to local food production to make our community more self-reliant.

Local food production addresses food security for the years ahead. And, not only more self-reliance, when you buy local, you reinforce the stature of the farmers. We believe the individual farming family should once again become the foundation of society. Where the farmer has a name.

Good Stewards of the Planet

When you support Only Local you are helping our environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Small steps do make a difference.

The American culture, as well as societies all over the planet, face the challenges of energy needs. Modern humans require prodigious amounts of energy to sustain our life-styles.

Whether you believe in global warming due to burning fossil fuels or whether you believe that the costs of extracting fossil fuels will become prohibitively more expensive as we deplete the major pockets of hydrocarbons around the planet, humans should reflect on our excessive dependence of fossilized carbon as a source of energy.

The global food chain is an undeniable energy hog. On average, 12 calories of mostly fossil fuel energy go into producing just one calorie of the food we consume.

The use of fossil fuels is in every phase of the global food system – from fertilization, chemical treatments, and harvesting to manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. It has utterly transformed what we eat and how our food is grown.

Given the impacts of modern industrialization on the environment and economy, global food will not be a toxic free or cheap option in the future. Regional farms are where food must come from.

Local food is not a niche or a fad. We can be better stewards of the planet. For more information read this article:  https://www.postcarbon.org/publications/the-future-is-rural/