Only local is a year round farmers market serving the panhandle of Idaho and surrounding regions.

About Only Local

A farmers market is not like the usual grocery store or box store.  The products sold in Only Local come from the local agricultural community. We are not in a position to tell the farmers and food producers what to grow or make.  They find their own inspiration and we encourage you to share their dreams.

The products sold in the market will constantly change with the seasons. We welcome you to stop by and explore whatever surprises maybe in stock. For those of you who don’t like surprises or you may be looking for a specific food item, you can view the products in the market on line. 

We, the owners and management of Only Local, feel privileged to represent the farmers and food producers of the community.  We pledge to honor the name and reputation of every vendor in the market. It would not be in the interest of the market or the agricultural community at large to play favorites.  We will remain absolutely neutral.  From the perspective of the shopper, this means you will have transparency of product and price of every item in the market. 

Fresh Veggies

The fresh vegetables available for sale in the market come exclusively from farmers in the Panhandle of Idaho.  This means you will not find vegetables grown in the tropics or asparagus in the middle of the winter. The trade-off for our limited selection is nutritional quality.  Our vegetables were harvested only days ago and some even this morning. Our ancestors lived on the plantings out of their gardens from whatever season. Enjoy the pleasures of molding your diet in concert with the seasons and the geography of where you live. The food you consume from Only Local did not travel far to arrive on your dinner table.