How To Parter With Us

Steps to partner with Only Local to sell your products

Step 1: CALL US

Call us at Only Local Farmers Market and speak with Thomas.  We pledge to represent all LOCAL farmers and producers.  Our market will not represent products grown or produced from a distance greater than 50 miles from Bonner, Kootenai and Boundary Counties.  Our mission is to support the local agricultural community and towards that end we will visit all farms or food production sites of prospective vendors.  We want to assure the buying public that the food products sold at Only Local represent the best of Northern Idaho. 

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”. Matthew 7:20


Once we have reached an agreement and signed the consignors’ contract, you can make an appointment to bring your food items to the market.  Your time is valuable.  Intake of food products will occur by appointment only.  All of our attention will be dedicated to you.  Appointments can be made by phone (208-265-2277) or on-line on the vendors calendar. Click here 

Step 3: CHECK IN

The receiving dock at the log cabin is around the back side of the building facing the railroad tracks.  At check in, expect to discuss with our staff the price you want to ask for your goods and the consignment period.  The consignment period will be based on the expected shelf life of the product.  All products must be bundled, packaged or otherwise grouped to sell as a unit.  Each unit of product will be entered into the inventory software and given a bar code.


After you drop off your goods, we want you to enjoy the rest of your day knowing that we will sell your goods at the best price the market will bear.  Your goods will be on display within minutes after you drive off.  Your display will be refreshed frequently throughout the day.  Our sales staff will represent you.  At Only Local farmers market we seek to move product. 

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