Are You A Farmer, Grower or Producer in Idaho? Do you know one?

We’re on a mission to heavily promote to the masses Farm Fresh Foods in an effort to support local farmers, growers and producers and provide super fresh, healthy foods in the marketplace that is literally from farm to table with local Idaho produce. 

We are excited to launch Only Local, a one of a kind, new and trendy Farmers Market (but not too trendy, just enough to capture the hipsters who love local farm fresh foods.)

4 Reasons To Become A Supplier of Only Local Farmers Market in Cocolalla, ID

1. Centrally Located. 

Located in the heart of Boundary County, Bonner County and Kootneai County, we are right on US Hwy 95. About 15,000 cars pass our store organically each day en-route to their destinations. We will soon become a destination point, driving traffic to our store via marketing so that traffic number will increase substantially. 

2. Keeps Farmers, Growers, Food Producers In Business.

We’re online & totally computerized! Customers will be notified of your New Arrivals. We will promote you and your business so our customers will be alerted when you specifically make a drop off to the store. Also we will promote your items so customers know what new foods were dropped off.

On our website customers can favorite their suppliers and fresh foods so you grow your own following. 

3. We’re a Farmers Market With a Dedicated Marketing Team.

There’s a lot to marketing these days. Social Media, Google Ads, the local Nickelsworth Magazines, Postcards, Email and so much more. We plan to reach customers from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene to Eastport and eventually plan to reach even further out so we become that Must-Stop destination for vacationers passing by on their long journeys. 

We hired an amazing Marketing Company whom specializes in digital marketing both regional, local and national. So… just bring us your goods and we’ll let everyone know about it! 

4. Innovation & Creativity.

We plan to innovate and be creative. We’re constantly coming up with new creative ways to get your farm fresh goods into the homes of as many people as possible. From Meal Boxes containing recipes and the season’s fresh foods to online ordering and pick or delivery. There will be workshops and tastings,  music and all kinds of fun. We will be watching our customers to see what they need and want and how they’d like us to best service them. 

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