Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Only Local

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  Remember we are selling products on behalf of another party, therefore, we do not accept returns.


Why are there multiple prices and dates on the products?

Prices are marked down after the product has reached 50% of its shelf life.  We reduce the price to sell the product before it goes bad.


Will the market set aside products for a consumer to be purchased at a later date?

No.  If you see produce on the web store that you want, we provide web based tools to purchase the product on-line.

Can I purchase an item for the markdown price before the date of markdown?

No.  Come in the day of the markdown

Are prices negotiable?

We are under contract with the farmers and producers to honor the price they set.  Out of respect for the farmers, we will not re-negotiate a price.

Is there a discount for buying multiple items?

No. Products in the store belong to different farmers.  We are under contract to honor the prices set by the different farmers.

What forms of payment do we accept?

Cash and major credit cards.  Because the prices are competitive and our margin of profit is low, we will pass onto the consumer the credit card fee of 3%.


Do I get a discount for paying in cash?

Yes, in effect.  Because you do not pay a credit card fee. Many stores and gas stations employ a similar pricing structure.


Is everything in the market also on the web store?



If I buy something on the web store, when do I pick it up?

We would recommend picking up your products within one day. Remember fresh foods do perish the longer they sit in a crate or box.  That’s why we buy local.


Do we accept food stamps?

Application in process.