“Where the farmer has a name”


The fresh vegetables available for sale in the market come exclusively from farmers in the Panhandle of Idaho.  This means you will not find vegetables grown in the tropics or asparagus in the middle of the winter. The trade-off for our limited selection is nutritional quality.  Our vegetables were harvested only days ago and some even this morning. Our ancestors lived on the plantings out of their gardens from whatever season. Enjoy the pleasures of molding your diet in concert with the seasons and the geography of where you live. The food you consume from Only Local did not travel far to arrive on your dinner table.

Only Local provides vendors the software tools to assist management of their products in the market.  The management tools allow you to:

  1. View your account to date, i.e., your receivables not yet paid and other miscellaneous credits or deductions.
  2. View all your current inventory consigned in the market including pricing and consignment dates. You can have the system send you an email list of all your current inventory.
  3. Assess the status of the consignment date, i.e., the pickup date of your products should they not sell. Please review the consignment contract for details on how items are handled at the end of the consignment period.
  4. Link to all items sold in the market (yours and everyone else’s) and their current pricing.
  5. View history of payouts that have been sent to you. The overview screen will display the check number, date and amount.

You will receive login information to include a temporary password in an email from after you have set up a consignment account in the market. Your username and password is specific to you and will be kept confidential.  Contact us if you have any questions. Log in here.

Welcome to Only Local Farmers Market

  • Only Local Farmers Market is open year round and located on US 95 between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint in the center of the Panhandle of Idaho

  • We are modeling an age old tradition of providing a market place that brings community residents in touch  with the local agricultural producers.

  • Only Local Farmers Market is dedicated to promoting healthy local food choices and a thriving agricultural community.

The market is housed in the old log cabin built near the north end of Cocolalla Lake along US 95 between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint.   Long time residents of the Panhandle may remember when the cabin sold antiques.  The antique store closed decades ago leaving the cabin abandoned.  The log cabin has now been rediscovered and restored to host an indoor, year round farmers market. Let’s bring life back to a vintage log cabin making it an iconic landmark for the region.  


Bringing Local Farmers Right to your Table
Only Local is a food friendly market. 100% of the products sold in the market are agriculturally based.  

Community support

Neighbors helping neighbors

Nutrition is enhanced when food is allowed to ripen in place and be consumed nearby.

Our Farmers will realize greater profit with our expanded marketing efforts to reach more people year round giving them more time to devote to farming.

Local charities will receive support in times of excess product.

Mother Earth will benefit by reducing our carbon footprint.

100% Better

Locally grown produce is more nutritious.  Products sold in the super-market or box store have been shipped from commercial farms far away.  The shipping takes weeks, sometimes months for products coming from other countries.  The nutritional value of plants decline with time from harvest.  The products get gassed at the last minute in the back room of the super market to accelerate maturation to give the appearance of fully mature produce.  Fruits and vegetables acquire more nutrition and taste the longer they remain on the vine or in the soil. Wine makers know this. Therefore, the less time left in the soil and the more time in shipping leads to lowered nutritional content of the produce. For more information on the nutritional value of locally grown produce go to Idaho Preferred

Small scale farmers and producers frequently do not have the time or resources to participate regularly in the typical farmers market operating seasonally and one day per week. 

The Idaho Farmers Market Manual encourages the creation of consignment booths so as to allow greater participation of the agricultural community in the market place. The Manual goes on to state that consignment booths have had success.  Consider the market at Only Local as a giant consignment booth. Too see the Idaho FM Manual click here.

Only Local allows the farmer to sub-contract the sales of her goods to us, thereby, encouraging greater participation of the local agricultural community in the market place. 

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy local and thats kinda the same..."

– Anon

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

Who Are We?

Only local is a producer-only farmers market.  We will not support product imported from outside the Panhandle of Idaho or product purchased elsewhere for re-sale at the market.

Products sold at Only Local have been harvested or produced recently, many items were brought into the market this morning.

Buying locally grown and produced products is good for the local economy since every dollar spent here in the Panhandle of Idaho will generate two more dollars circulating in the local economy which contributes to more jobs and more income in our community.  It’s time we stop sending our money to other states, or worse still, to other countries. Half of the large commercial hog farms in America are owned by the Chinese. The Chinese ship the mature hogs back home for slaughter and packaging.  They then sell back to us the processed meat at a profit. We believe that the profits of food production should be kept at home.

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